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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Black Witch Project

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to buy or make one more Halloween decoration, but then every year I get the Martha Stewart Halloween edition and I just can't help myself.
This year I was finally going to make the witch that was on the cover of her Halloween edition that came out several years ago. I headed to the hardware store to get the materials; plywood, jigsaw (excited about finally being a jigsaw owner), black paint, conduit tubing and some thing-a-majigers to attach the conduit to the cut out witch.
As I was approaching my car with my new purchases it became very clear that my 8' x 4' heavy piece of MDF was not going to fit in my MDX. Not even close. I knew if I called Chris for help he would try and talk me into taking the thing back or making the witch smaller. Not going to do it. Besides he didn't have any means of helping me anyway. I called Jill. After all she has big 14 passenger van, but she didn't answer her phone. What was I to do?
I must have looked desperate and defeated because two nice guys driving a pick up truck who over heard me telling the home depot employee I just lived down the street and would I have to come back and pick it up later nicely offered to drive it to my house.
I told them I lived just down the street and I would really appreciate the lift for my-larger-than-my-car-would-fit piece of wood. They loaded her up and we were off.
On my way to my house I looked back into my rear view mirror to make sure they were following when it occurred to me that they could be burglars or worse yet serial killers! What was I thinking? I didn't have any creepy feeling but unfortunately you never know now days so to be on the safe side I had them unload the piece of wood up against my neighbors garage just in case they came back for me. Wrong house wrong girl; smart thinking. I payed them 10 bucks which they appreciated and they left on their way. As soon as they drove out of sight I awkwardly dragged the soon to be witch into my driveway.

Martha makes it easy. Just one click and your life size witches and cats print out onto about 30 pages. Cut and tape her together and your ready to trace her out onto your piece of wood. I have no pictures of me cutting her and her cats out but I did it all by myself in just a few hours! It was fairly easy, but I was amazed at the thick layer of saw dust the blanketed my driveway. I can sort of see why they suggest you attach the jigsaw to a vacuum.
Paint them black, attach the poles, lantern and broom stick and ta da-your very own yard art.

I cut the bats out of the stiff craft felt that comes in sheets. They are held on with duck tape. I got this idea from Country Living.

I loved the bats so much I created a bat cave inside my family room.