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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love At First Sight

My love gave me an iPhone for valentines day. My heart swelled with excitement and joy. It was love at first sight and it's been attached to me like a new (can't live without) appendage ever since. I like to think of my new gift as my brains desperately needed little helper. Wowzer, it's amazing what this little paper weight can do.

"Oh the places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm In Love...

with my sewing machine

with everything anthropologie

with this call sheet

with amy butler fabrics

with my camera

with my babies

and of course with him

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wax Paper Heart

Kate's been bugging me for days to decorate for Valentines Day. She loves to craft just like her mom and so on Saturday I told her we would make some wax paper hearts like the ones we saw at April's house. Like most of our art projects she's really into it for about 10 minutes until something more appealing comes along. This time it was Madilyn knocking on the door. And so like usual I was left to finish the project all by myself.
After a few unsucceful attempts of trying to figure this craft out on my own, (duh, you melt the crayon with an iron) I finally found a step by step guide thanks to a girl named Jenny.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Look Who's Wearing Underroos

Yep, Jack Jack is wearing underroos which means for the first time in 2 years and 10 months I didn't have to buy diapers at Costco. I think I just found my extra money to cover the $40.00 dollar a month data plan of the iPhone I've been coveting. Thanks Jack.

Jack learned one of the differences between undies and a diaper is the cushion or the lack there of. He learned this while playing horsey on my leg. He giggled and giggled and then finally squealed, "Oh my nuts!"

It's a beautiful day when you hear the pitter patter to the bathroom then the flush and finally the crash of the lid. Oh the joy of potty independence.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Triming the Fat

OK so my closest is getting a little out of hand. It's so full of stuff my poor clothes are suffocating. The pathetic part is I'm only wearing about 15 % of my clothes, which by the way I think is 5 % percent more than the average person. It's no wonder most mornings I feel like have nothing to wear. I know that seems a little crazy based on the picture above. I do after all have over 100 tops (not including all my knit shirts in the dresser drawer), 45 skirts, 28 dresses, 32 pairs of pants, 15 pairs of jeans, 9 bathing suits, 21 belts/sashes and over 60 pairs of shoes and them some. Sound excessive? Maybe so, but before you judge go count the clothes in your closets you might just be surprised how many black tops you really have. The point of me taking inventory of all of my clothes was not to be shocked at the fact that I own 20 white t-shirts but was to help me realize the following:
1. I hold onto items that "I'll wear just as soon as I find the perfect pair of pants to go with it." This might work as a legitimate excuse but with over at least 50 options, it doesn't hold up.
2. I hold onto items that just need a little alteration. Not only will I never get around to it, but to be honest altering that pair of skinny jeans to fit like a glove is still not going to change the fact that my legs are not sucked through a straw skinny.
3. I hold onto items because "These will fit just as soon I lose 5 pounds." Hello, your not a size 2.
4. I hold onto items because I paid a lot of money for them and so I have a problem with giving them away to Goodwill. Shame on me.
5. I hold onto items because one day I may start wearing sweatsuits to the mall or wear fussy iron only clothes to the park. Ya right.
I feel like the only solution is have a heart to heart with each piece of clothing and accessory in my closet. Yep, it's time to trim the fat. All pieces I have given any of the excuses listed above to have to go. No more "special occasion", "in case of blizzard", "need the right pair of pants to go with it", or "maybe I'll wear next week" clothes can stay. The few great pieces I do have need more breathing room. (Refer to picture below) Only the finest, best fitting, hard working, inspiring bunch are going to make the cut. The donate to Goodwill pile could be substantial. Unlike the closest below (featured on Domino's website) my closet is one of the most uninspiring places in my house second only to my pantry. Mostly due to poor lighting and crummy organization it's not a space you want to hang out in. But just because my walls aren't lined with pretty wall paper and the container store hasn't payed a visit there's no excuse to hold on to items that are just OK. It's certainly not what I want to feel like during the day, just OK. My clothes should be a reflection of how I feel or at least how I want to feel. I want my closet to say "Come on in you powerful beautiful creature. Put on something fabulous and go out and conquer the world." Well, at least conquer my world anyway.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Thomas and Kate are real stinkers when it comes to combing and fixing their hair. Thomas prefers to use his hand over a comb. He cups a bit of water in his hand and throws it over his head smoothing out his bed head with his flat hand. It doesn't always work so well and a few chunks of hair still manage to stand up. Kate likes the end result of nicely brushed and fixed hair but she can hardly stand the process and so most mornings it's a struggle. But on Friday my kids were eager to use any comb or brush and any hair product needed to achieve a crazy do because it was Crazy Hair Day at school.

This is Thomas and his best friend Ben. They of course wanted matching hair.

This is Kate with her friend from church and school Kate S.

It was Kate's idea to make her braids into a nest. So creative my little one. After school Kate told me she pretended the little bird was her pet. She excitedly and proudly told me the bird stayed with her the whole day! (Thanks be to the fact that the wee creature was clipped to her hair.) I told her that's what was so great about having pretend pets unlike real pets, you get to take them anywhere you want; church, school, or the park. I told her we could attach the birdy to a key chain that she could clip onto her backpack and take with her everyday to school.

I'm hoping my wonderful suggestion will cut down on the begging for a real dog for awhile.