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Saturday, March 21, 2009

6 Years Ago Today

6 Years ago today Kate burst into this world full of energy and spirit. My labor and delivery was very painful but also quick and easy.

Moments after meeting her I realized she was going to need a strong name. How I knew this I don't know because there wasn't anything in particular that happened but it was like the heavens parted for a small moment and I was given a small glimpse into her personality and the kind of person she was going to be. I think this glimpse was a small gift from God, given as reassurance or a warning I'm not sure which, but I knew in that moment that within her tiny body she possessed a strong will full of independence. And that is why we named her Kate. It's suits her well; strong, sweet and to the point.

Kate got a shiny new bike for her 6th birthday. When she saw it she ran up stairs to get dressed so she could give it a ride. She of course came back down stairs perfectly color coordinated for the pictures. I commented on how cool is was that her outfit matched her bike and she responded,

"I know. That's what I meant to do. Good thing blue is my favorite color."

* By the way for any of you who are shocked that I would let my child ride a bike without her helmet no worries it was just for a short ride until we could find her helmet which we did until later that morning. Hence, the awkward run along side her in my heals.

Monday, March 16, 2009

3 Years Ago Today

Three years ago today this little one came into my life. He came packed with so much love and joy it's been hard to not just want to eat him up. What can I say... he's our one and only Jack-Jack.

Jack's loves are; Tom and Jerry, Honey Nut Cheerios, Milk and Apple Juice filled sippy cups, his pirate boat, dad's belts, bungee cords, and Dr. Seuss.

Jack's Favorite days are the lazy stay at home days when I don't get him dressed until noon and our only outing is a walk to the mail box. The other day when I told him it was time to go pick up the kids from school he said," jus yevv me...i no wan a go."

Jack is currently terrified of heights and of falling into swimming pools, lakes and streams. Looks like he's in need of Swim lesson intervention.

Jack's best friends are Thomas and Kate. Thomas is his wrestling buddy and Kate is his speech therapist. Recently she's been teaching him new phrases like "peace out man," and "I'm frankly fabulous."

Jack's makes all the nursery girls jealous with his ridiculously long eye lashes and his trim physique. His secret; a liquid diet of juice, milk and water and an occasional bean and rice burrito.

We love you Jack-Jack.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Bear

Last weekend we went to Big Bear with our neighbors and Thomas and Kate's best friends, Ben and Madilyn Kienast. In a short car ride we went from sea level and 65 degrees to 8,500 feet and 32 degrees. In just over 2 hours pine trees replaced palm trees, snow replaced sand and hot chocolate replaced ice cold sodas.

Madilyn, Kate and my niece Emma, who we brought to babysit Jack, had fun playing in the snow. They creatively made a snow-woman complete with a hat topped with bird seed.

Their snow-woman was not only accessorized with a colorful scarf and belt, but she was given spaghetti hair which I'm sure created some envy among the other snow-woman in the forest.

She was even given a special friend to keep her company. Kate said it was her snow-dog. I'm sure Kate couldn't help but be a little jealous.

One of the favorite things about the weekend were the 2 chipmunks who scampered around the cabin in search of free peanuts.

They were in luck this particular weekend. The cabin came equip with a large tin can full of critter treats.

It didn't take long after the first offering was made, minutes maybe, before 2 bushy tailed chipmunks scampered down from the trees and began feasting upon the goodies.

"Aaaa ya gotta more of those yummy nuts?"
Thomas and Ben had so much fun skiing that they were pretty disappointed to find out the weekend didn't include a third day of hot dogging it down the slopes.
Kate on the other hand was happy when after a few hours Madilyn got sick and wanted to go back to the cabin.

So long Big Bear, hope to see you again next year.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love, Kate

Kate has come down with a bad case of the naughty bug. Remarkably she has every symptom known to accompany this awful bug. There's the whining, the talking back, the rolling of the eyes and even the dreaded double lying. You know, there's a lie told to cover a lie. Lately I have these scary moments flash before me of Kate in Juvi. Alarmed over this behavior I called my seasoned sister of 5 and told her my troubles. She too has had the naughty bug plague her house a time or two and so I thought she of all people would be able muster up some really juicy advice about how I can rid my child of this awful bug, but all she did was giggle! Brought on be hindsight I suppose. She tryed to assure me that all kids lie at some point to test their boundaries and that Kate's little lying doesn't mean she will grow to be a pathological liar. Goodness let's hope not. True or not I'm still worried the naughty bug and my relenting methods of trying to dispose of it are somehow leaving permanent damage that will surface later on in life in the form of resentment toward me, her mother. I know I am sounding a bit dramatic but the scene here at my house is exactly that... dramatic.
But just when I thought things couldn't possible get any worse she demonstrated something so sweet and kind that I was filled with tremendous hope which gave me reason to spare her life. ( No, I wouldn't realllllly kill my child.)
I found this note lying on bed the other night and this is what it reads:
To Mom. From Kate.
I'm sorry. I love you. I will try next time. I want to repent.