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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Collection

A few years back I purchased my first vintage pattern. It was a classic fitted 2 piece suit from the 40's. I had intentions of making the outfit but when I opened up the envelop I discovered it had never been cut. I couldn't bare to cut up a 50 year old pattern and so put in back in it's plastic cover and stashed it away. I would occasional get it out and look at it. This was around the time I began to fall in love with that era of clothing. It was a time when women dressed up and kept their lipstick fresh even though most were homemakers who rarely left the house. The clothing of this era denotes strength and confidence even if it was a bit impractical.
I began collecting more and more patterns over the next couple of years and now I have a collection of over 90 vintage patterns.
I mostly have women's patterns but I have a handful of children's patterns and few men's patterns.
I would pick up a pattern here and there and about a month ago I was lucky enough to purchase a seamstresses entire collection. She was women who enjoyed sewing for over 50 years, but now in her 80's she was losing her sight and was unable to thread needles and cut fabric. When I picked up the box of patterns from her granddaughter I told her to tell her grandmother that her cherished collection was going to pattern lover. She smiled and told me that it would make her grandmother so happy knowing they were going to someone who loved to sew. The sentimentally sappy side of me almost cried right there on the spot, but thankfully I held it together just long enough to get in my car.
I love the fashion patterns from the 70's and earlier because their covers had the best fashion illustrations.
This a maternity pattern. Oh how maternity clothes have evolved.
I love the shoes on this pattern from the 70's. I think I'd like some green peep toes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Huge Savings and Bit of Creative Inspiration

A while back I wrote a post on coloring your own hair. And while I have had a fair amount of success giving myself an all over color or a root touch up I've been totally intimidated of giving myself highlights. Well about a month ago I bought myself a little highlight kit and gave it a go. It's not a weave but for under 15 bucks I successfully achieved what would other wise cost me around 100 bucks in a salon. I'm not sure what's gotten into me taking all these silly photos of myself but I thought a few of you might enjoy the workings of my brain. The following are actual thoughts of mine during my lovely photo shoot.
Inspiration springs from the most unexpected places.

Stay tuned for the Scarlet Red Wool Winter Cap...coming this fall.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ragg Silk Bouquet

Months back I bought this ball of scrappy silk at a local yarn shop. I feel in love with the colorful ball for several reasons. One it's made from recycled silk and the colors are hard to resist. This little ball of mess would have been pretty just nestled in a yarn basket. I also couldn't wait to unravel the carnival of layers. But the main reason I threw down 22 bucks for this ball of silk was that Mango Moon works with the Nepali Women's Empowerment Group. What can I say, I'm a sucker for disadvantaged hard working women.
Not knowing what I was going to do with this little ball I decided to unwind it and see if it would speak to me.
At first the tangled pile of silk scrapes revealed nothing but chaos (much like my life...interesting), so I decided to cut up the chaos and find some order. I cut out my favorite strips and began making rosettes. I must have been thinking flower arrangement and not scarf.
These little beauties are easy and there are a lot of variations on how to make them. I chose to glue them rather than use my sewing machine.
After making a bunch of rosettes I decided to make a necklace bouquet. I began arranging them much like I would a flower arrangement.
I then glued the arrangement to a piece of felt and added a beaded chain to complete the necklace.