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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hand Stitched Bib

I made this sewn in bib some time ago but I'm now just getting around to posting it. I'm trying to go back and post at least what's already been photographed.
By the way it's a quick hodgie podgie kind of project. The pieces are haphazardly (lacking any obvious principle of organization) placed and and even more haphazardly hand stitched on. Kinda like my life, isn't that interesting.
Oh I wish I had some order and consistency in my life. Maybe after the baby....ya right.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate's Skate Party

Kate's Birthday Party was one week after Jack's Party and I have to say this one was much simpler. We went to a local Ice Skating Rink which means no extra decorating and the entertainment was totally covered. Eeeesaaay!
Kate's invitations were designed by Pink Pickle Studios and I had them printed at Kinko's.
We served hot cocoa in hot cups that I covered with paper. I also gave all the girls matching knit gloves that I found at Joann's on sale for .50 cents a pair that conveniently worked out perfectly with the color scheme! Double bonus.
All the girls did really well minus a few who hadn't skated before so Mr. Frugal very reluctantly put on skates to offer some assistance. Although, I think the girls may have been the ones doing the assisting. Thomas was so frustrated that he just couldn't get it. Skating just not his thing. Good- one less lesson or team I will be asked to sign him up for. Can't be good at everything son.
Speaking of not your thing. Cake decorating is not really my thing. I swear the cakes in those cute cake books must be seriously photoshoped or be made with frosting too gross to eat to get that perfect looking finish because I can never quite make it look like the photo.
Good enough I say!
Besides Kate loved it and well that's all that matters.
Jack opted to stay in the party room and guard the presents. Skating on the cold ice was not a tempting offered especially after I passed over my phone. He was happy right was he was, sitting his warm little bum on that bench.
I gave all the girls mugs that I found on clearance at Marshalls for $1.50 each. I filled them with hot cocoa candy and chapstick.
Until next time.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Case You Didn't Hear....

...I'm pregers. Beginning my 8th month this week!
I know, I know I was done having kids. That's what I tried to convince myself of anyway. My life was full and I couldn't imagine adding one more to the bunch. Really, if you knew the details of my life you seriously would have adviced to me to stay where I was....holding my head just above water. Like others I feel that raising kids is a tough job not to mention doing it well. Somedays I feel good about my job as their mom, but to be honest most days I cross my fingers and hope for the best or that at least their memories will skew toward the positive in the end. BUT, I really did think (deep down) there might be a girl out there that really wanted to come and join our imperfect family. So I did what any faith relying person does. I put it in God's hands. Deep Breath. Okay who am I kidding, I think about getting pregnant and wha la- baby appears nine months later. But, I am having a girl and like to think that that part of the story was up to God.
I didn't believe it at first even though it was confirmed by ultrasound. It took many weeks for it to settle in my brain. Mr. Frugal finally convince me that it was becoming obvious and I would make someone feel very uncomfortable if they called me out on it so we made a video of us telling the kids and the next day we shared the happy news with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jack's Carnival Party

Jack's long awaited Carnival Party finally took place last Saturday. He's been talking about this party for months and was quite involved with the details. This was one of my favorite parties to plan because Jack was so excited about everything I suggested.
Good thing he's one easy kid to please.
No carnival party would be complete without the candy and there was no shortage of sweets and treats. This is just what was on display. There was also popcorn, cupcakes and the more treats in the goodie bags. Serious sugar overload!
The decorations were really easy most of which I liberally took inspiration from several other party blogs. Man a pad of scrapbook paper can go a long way.
Kate decorated the Clown Cupcakes which looked just like picture in the cookbook. Not always an easy feat to pull off. I think I'll put her in charge of the birthday cakes from now on.
The smell of fresh popcorn added perfectly to the carnival ambiance. The kids couldn't get enough. That's probably why only half of them ate their hot dogs.
Rocket the Clown performed a magic show, made ballon animals and face painted cool designs on the kids cheeks.

I set up three games for the kids to play. Super simple and the kids loved them.
Spill the Milk was the most popular.

I bought three pieces of black foam board, cut up two for the game posters and painted a clown on the third to be used for a bean bag toss.
Happy Birthday Jack!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jack is Turning 5

Jack is turning 5 and wants a Carnival Party. His idea not mine. Not that I have any against carnivals at least back yard kind of carnival, but it sounds like a lot more work than renting a jumpy. Thank goodness their are insanely creative mother's out there to gleam inspiration from. So thanks to the flickle pickle for the party ideas!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bouquet Arrangement

Fresh Flowers make my heart flutter..literally. They have to be one of God's greatest creations. I try and find every excuse to buy them. Most of my reasons don't justified the cost spent and sometimes I have no reason at all but that doesn't seem to keep me from an occasional stop at the flower mart or the flower section at Trader Joes. Some chickas get regular pedicures-I buy flowers. I also like to think I'm taking the pressure off of Mr. Frugal, unless he's giving flowers to make up that is. Nothing says "I really screwed up" like a simple bunch of daisy's from Albertsons.
While working at Winston Flowers in Boston I learned this simple and quick technique to making bouquet arrangements.

The first step is to clean and prepare all the flowers by removing all the stems leaves and thorns. This is critical because you will only have one free hand to work with.
Next, make a small bunch of several flowers to create your center.
Thoughtfully bring in one flower at a time holding the stem with your thumb. Your grip should hold the flowers securely but should be loose. This is important and will make any adjustments needed at the end a whole lot easier. You should look compact but not squished.
With each one or two flowers brought into the arrangement twist the arrangement to ensure balance.
When making an bouquet you want your eye to flow through the entire arrangement with small rest spots. This can be achieved by grouping two or three of the same flower together and spacing your flowers or colors evenly.
The last step is optional depending on your final look but it's to add your sturdy foliage around the base of your arrangement. Lemon leaf (Salal) adds a good support for the bouquet.
*Important* I don't have a picture but once your arrangement is complete you need to wrap it with floral tape to hold is securely into place. This can be the trickiest step. Once your bouquet is secure cut the stems at the same length and add to your container.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enough is Enough

There are somethings that go on in my house that drive me nutty. The hand towels ending up on the bathroom floor was one of them. One day I said enough is enough. The hope that my kids were going hang the towel back on the rod was apparently too high an expectation. So I got out the hammer not to use it on the next culprit but to pound grommets into the dirty little towels. Now they happily hang on the rod removed only for cleaning.
This project is super easy and super fast.
Grommet kits are available at your local fabric store and include everything you need minus the hammer.
I machine stitched the Velcro on to make sure it stayed put.