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Friday, April 30, 2010

Simple Easter

Easter this year was not full of hoopla and hype. Kate wore I dress she's had for awhile, we dyed eggs from a kit I got on clearance last year for $1.00, we had a modest egg hunt and topped off the beautiful day with ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.
It was about being together as a family. It was a perfect Easter.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Make me New-Dress to Skirt #1

I have a few dresses that have been in my good will pile for awhile but I recently moved them from that pile to my refashion pile. I hoped to show how I reconstructed this step by step but it got complicated quickly when I realized I had to take out the pleats in the back, add darts, re-fit the entire waist band and replace the zipper. I have two more dresses in the works that I think are less complicated and I will show how I've refashioned them.
Here is what I started with. I loved the color but I didn't like the way it fit on the top.
First I cut off the top.
It was supposed to be really simple from here but when I tried it on I realized I would have to refit the waist.
I took out the pleats in the back so I didn't have a bubble bum. I had to scoop the line a bit and add darts to create a good fit in the back. I also broke the zipper. My simple project keep getting a little more complicated.
And just when I was nearing the end Jack got a hold of my scissors and did his own altering. I had so many scrapes around but of course he had to cut along my perfect hem line.
But I was happy with the end product and the fit was nearly perfect.
Now I just can't gain any weight.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Serious Determination

Kate is determined not to leave first grade without loosing at least one tooth. She's convinced she's got a defect. According to her she is the only first grader in the whole world with a mouth full of baby teeth. By the way, don't mention baby teeth to her.
I suggested she wrap floss around that slightly loose tooth and give it a good pull. The moment was classic, but unfortunately the tooth didn't budge. I told her to be patient and that when her teeth are ready they'll come out and if by chance her permanent teeth start coming in while she still has her baby teeth then I take her down and get those baby's pulled out.
If she's so concerned about not loosing perfectly looking teeth I not sure what the reaction would be if she had a few jacked up teeth. Yikes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Sunday I was taking a nap when I was awakened by a earthquake that was occurring about 132 miles south of where we live. Chris had the kids at the park and so I was alone. I have only felt one other earthquake and that was more like a mild vibration that lasted only 10 seconds. My heart started to pound with each second that went by. My glasses in my cabinet began to chatter together and my pendant light above my dinning room table started to sway. My first thought of course was, oh my gosh I still haven't filled up my huge water barrel.
The earthquake lasted about one minute and later found out was a 7.3 that hit just south of the mexican border. Although all was well it left my nerves a bit shaken so....

I FINALLY TOOK THAT AS MY WARNING and a week later ordered 6 months worth of food storage.

Peace of mind is beautiful thing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A little less Evil

When I was in Thailand I found this collection of ravens and fell in love with them. I walked away only to return later that afternoon and bought all three from the artist for $75.00. I thought they were slightly quirky but captivating. I bought them, had them wrapped up and carried them all the way home. When I got home and unrevealed my purchase to my hubby and mother-in-law and the reaction was dismal compared to my excitement. I had no idea the raven would be so attacked. It was brought to my attention that in most cultures ravens represent ideas such as, misfortune, evil, destruction, malevolence and an omen to death. Edgar Alan Poe, even described them as "...grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous creatures."
Evil shmevil I don't really care what they did or do represent to people. Besides in some cultures they represent wisdom, healing, protection and prophecy.
I think they are stunning, yes I said did say stunning little birds.

Still the discussion bugged me just enough not hang them up on the wall. I certainly didn't want to invite evil or any other bad charma into my house and so they sat for a year in a half in my closet. Until a few weeks ago when I got them out and and painted those little ravens a bright turquoise blue!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last Thursday the power went out allllllll day. 15 hours to be exact! Apparently someone hit an electrical box in the neighborhood. Thanks to a crappy garage door, my manual release pull was jammed. What do you alllllll day with out electricity and no car to escape with? No TV, no computer, no vacuum, no washing machine, no glue gun and of course no sewing machine! You always think having a day free of all your electrically powered stuff is nice until you can't run the disposal to releave the goop sitting in your sink. Yuck!
Well, I couldn't do a lot of things but I could cut fabric and while cutting out strips for a blanket I was making I started playing with one of the strips. Hummm what could I do with nothing but two strips of jersey rayon fabric?
This is what.

Start out with two strips approximately 24"long x 2" wide of a stretchy fabric. I used a jersey rayon knit.
Tie a loose knot right in the center of the strip.
Then keep tieing knots, alternating each side of the strip until you get to the end. Keep your knots loose.
Open up the first knot with your fingers and bring the end through the hole.

You will have to work the knotted flower a bit to get the desired shape. Tuck the edges into the folds of the knots. One side becomes the back.
Next take the other strip and bring one end through one of the knots at the edge. Pull it through until it is centered. Then tie a loose knot.
Your knot should blend right into the knotted flower. You may need to loosen it to get the desired look.

Here is a knot flower that was used with a longer strip and therefore had more knots. Tie the knot around your head like headband. If your want you can cut off the tails by twisting the band around and hiding the ends in the flower.
Now for the photo shoot.

The bunnies were Kate's idea. She thought they were the perfect prop for the shoot.
The boys joined the fun.

Bankrupt Lot Playground

Ever since Thomas got his bike for Christmas he has been anxiously waiting to ride his dirt bike somewhere other than the cul-de-sac. So a few Saturdays ago we found an open lot with plenty of what his bike needed, a lot of dirt. Jack got his turn first while Kate anxiously waited for her first lesson.
Thomas was off before I could get a picture.

Next is was Kate's turn. I was a little nervous because the dirt bike is quite a bit heavier than her pedal bike and she was wearing flip flops. Not exactly safe. She was determined to learn to ride. I love that about her. She's not going to be left in her brother's dust.
She did awesome. No fear today from this little lady.

She was very happy with herself. It was what I like to call a BSE (building self esteem) experience.
While waiting for their turn Jack and Thomas climbed the huge dirt pile in the middle of the empty lot. They got a little help from a rope with sandbags attached.

Jack was terrified and wanted to get down and Thomas keep trying to help him. He eventually gave up and left Jack behind and made it to the top be himself.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

We made these funny April Fool's glasses in Kate's class. They decorated the frames, cut them out and glued funny animal eyes in the openings. All the kids loved this project. I got the idea from a great website called Art Projects for Kids. I am one of the art moms in Kate's class and I am crazy about this site. I also love the site Deep Space Sparkle. These two women are amazing and their sites are full of inspiration.