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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was thinking....

When I sit down and really think about what I want from life,
the people that I want to surround me,
the business that I envision running,
the countries I’ve yet to visit,
the house I want to own,
the things I want to experience,
the children I’ve yet to have,
how rich and full I want my days to be,
the love and the peace I crave...

When I sit down and think about the world around me,
all the questions that I want to search to find the answers to,
the friendships I want to nourish,
the photos I want to take,
the things that I hope to write,
the walls that I will paint,
the people I will meet.

When I stop and think about the garden I hope to grow,
the challenges I will face,
the situations I hope to withstand,
the sacrifices I will make,
the ideas that will come to me,
and the conversations that I will have.

It makes all the petty, ridiculous, and silly things seem so miniscule.
I really want a life that matters and is full of purpose,
All the while trying to be the human being that I want to be
And the person I am destined to become-
Kind, Compassionate, Creative.
I want to be a better mother, a more attentive mother.
I want to be a better wife; more loving and giving.
I want a better marriage; one that aches with love and tenderness and that is not
taken for granted.
I want to be a kinder friend, one that talks less and listens more. I want to be the person that I am placed on earth to be.
Daily choices.
Small decisions.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Year Round Fresh

While Jack and I were strolling at the farmers market I got a call from my sister in Idaho who called to tell me she was freezing her butt off and that it had been snowing earlier that day. Apparently spring was late this year. I listened as sympathetically as I could as I pulled out a fresh juicy strawberry from my basket and sat soaking up the California sun.

After enjoying my yummy strawberry I headed to the library to pick up a couple of cookbooks.

I hope to shop locally more often and use only freshest of ingredients.