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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessed Abundantly

I am blessed abundantly not because I have more than I want but because I have so much more than I need!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here's The Proof-11/23/08

Five Year Olds Can Set The Table For Dinner

For this Monday's "Here's the Proof" Kate, my 5 year old, demonstrated how she can set the table all by herself. She proved to me and more importantly to herself that she can climb cabinets, lift heavy plates, fill the glasses with just the right amount of water and ice, distribute the utensils evenly around the table, and add beautiful finishing touches. The best part was I never had to ask. I praised her abundantly with the hope she will willing continue her newly found accomplishment.

Cry of Hallelujah!

OK so before we sent our hard drive to a recovery site we thought we'd try the Geek Squad to see if they could recovery our data. They were cheaper and for a small fee could do an evulation on the hard drive. So we took it in to Best Buy. They we not only able to boot up our hard drive but they down loading everything on to a new external hard drive all for about $200 dollars. We felt great relief when we realized all was well with our precious data! None of it was lost or even corrupted. The nice man at Best Buy told us that he didn't think anything was wrong with our hard drive. What? Nothing wrong, how could that be, Fry's told us that our hard drive had serious problems and referred us to a very expensive data recovery company! When we got home Chris reinstalled the hard drive and wha-la... it works like new.
(What probably happened- On my way out of Frys the hard drive connection came loose due to the turbulent shopping cart ride to the car. The Bumpy slate tile outside the entrance doors may look good but it gives your shopping cart and everything in it quite a jostle.)

Lessons learned-
1. Don't go to Frys to get your computer fixed.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ohhhh Nooooo

I will spare all details but my hard drive took an unfortunate turn Wednesday night. Looks like we will have to pay anywhere from $600.00 to $1,900 to then (hopefully) get a full recovery. It is probable my data will only be partially recovered or worse yet has experienced total death! And yes I hate to say it. It's oh so painful I can barely get the words out....I regrettably have not backed up anything for a few years. Gasp...gasp...breath... breath! Believe me, I gave it my all when it came to pleading my "give my one more chance" case during my prayers last night so I guess I have no choice but to wait and hope for the best. Think positive...think positive...think positive

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's The Proof

Have you ever been asked what you did a week ago, yesterday or even today and you couldn't recall? Well a few days ago I got a call from a friend who asked me what I had done over the weekend. My mind totally blanked. (Nothing new actually.) I knew I was exhausted but to not remember the cause of my exhaustion was frightening. No worries I did eventually remember several seconds later, but it made me think about all the stuff I do not just for me but also for others around me and some days I feel I have nothing to prove for it except my exhaustion. So that why I'm dedicating Monday's as my official "Here's The Proof" day.
So for today's "Here's The Proof" I prove that I actually do some deep cleaning occasionally.

BEFORE (Notice the crumbs in the corner!)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Perfect Birthday Cake

At first glance this cake may seem far from the perfect cake. It's bumpy and saggy and there are gaps in the sides. It's not even centered on the cake stand. It's missing at least 2 layers and there's no frosting (at least put on the cake), no decoration, no style, no glitz or glam of any kind, not even a single candle. So why is it the perfect cake? Because it was made out of love by a friend who cared enough to not let her friend go without a cake on her birthday.
I love it because my friend really does make perfect cakes but yesterday she had a full plate, not the right equipment and in the end fell short on time. But for me I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This cake is perfect because it's REALITY. And if I let looks alone stop me from trying this amazingly delicious cake I would have missed out on what's truly the best part...the inside.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Birthday Photo

Recently while organizing some photos on the computer I sadly realized that in the last 11 years there is 1 photo taken of me on my birthday. That was back in 2001. It kinda made me sad to think of all those years of happy celebration gone completely undocumented. So when I woke up this morning I was determined to have at least one (preferable good) photo taken of me on my birthday.

And so with no one else around except Kate and Jack I was given no choice but to make my 5 year old daughter my photographer. After some brief and not very good instruction the photo shoot began...

Let's just say it started out a little rocky. She had a few problems focusing.

But eventually as she got better at focusing I got worse. She said something like I was trying too hard.

So we went outside to loosen up. And in the end....

I think she got a pretty good shot.
(taken November 12th 2008, by Kate Foulger)

Birthday Lunch with a few of my friends. (Jill, Rachael, Me, April M and April H.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack's New Nap Getup

I'm done. Jack's crappy naps are over. Did you hear that Jack? OVER! Every time Jack decided to make poopy cakes or throw poop pebbles from his bed to all the corners of his room (I still occasionally find one) I thought it would be the last time. Oh no. Now instead of giggling about it he just holds his hands out in defeat and awaits the punishment. I've tried everything from time outs and stern chats about how gross it is to play in your poop to washing him off with cold water. I have found poop on his hands probably 15 times! He also had a play date with his poop while being watched by a babysitter and just recently his grandma Elle was the lucky one who had to clean up the stinky mess. I was mortified. So yesterday I finally drove to Walmart in search of the cheapest one piece zip up pajamas I could find. Ha Ha Jack try to get to your poop now. Today when Jack went down for his nap I keep asking myself...what in the H. E. double tooth picks took me so long.

"Oh the shame and humiliation. I can't believe my mom has posted a picture with me in these ugly pjs. By the way, as far as the poop thing goes I want to defend myself and say, I was just being creative with the cool brown stuff that magically appeared in my diaper shortly after my mom put me down for a nap. It was fun to see how far I could throw my little brown pebbles. I have an awesome shot. I also enjoyed painting my crib slats with the mush. I could make one diaper load go a long way. You just wait and see; I will turn out to be my parents smartest and most creative child." -Jack

see "Jack's Crappy Nap" Post

Trip To Thailand

It has been over a week since I've been home and I'm finally posting some photos from my trip to Thailand. The trip was amazing! I not only traveled to a land I've never been before, but I experienced a new culture, had serene moments to reflect and think, enjoyed hours of massage and spa treatments, laughed, shed a few tears, and gained 10 beautiful new friends. 3 from southern cali, 1 from northern cali, 1 from Canada, 1 from France and 2 Aussies. It was wonderful sharing this experience with all of them. I'm so glad I listen to all of you who we told me not to feel guilty and "just go". I also just have to say thank you to my husband. I had to convince him that I wanted to go on a trip for 9 days, costing x amount of money to be with girls I didn't know and travel to a land half way around the world, and "oh by the way that trip is in 2 weeks." He was reluctant but in the end gave me his loving support. With that said, here are a few of my favorite photos or moments. To see more go to my flickr link.

You could find these little Buddhas in and around temples. I learned that gold is an item valued for its purity as a religious offering and for its power to placate spirits and request favours. Postage-stamp-size booklets of gold leaves were on sale along with incense, flowers and candles at temples and shrines for use as daily offerings. I read that one way for Thai Buddhists to show their respect for a person or concept is to make merit by affixing small squares of gold leaf onto images of Buddha or other sacred objects. I'm not sure they stick so well but the effect looks really cool.

Wat Pho, is the home of the Reclining Buddha, and is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. It's also home to more Buddha images than any other place in Bangkok. You can't tell from the picture, but this Buddha is enormous.
The "TUK-TUK" (ตุ๊กตุ๊ก) is a small car with three wheels. Tuk-tuk's are a real a tourist attraction/trap. Before sitting inside, one should negotiate the price and make sure you are not part of scam. (happy to say we only lost 60 cents and one hour of shopping time) Also be warned that in Bangkok, it is not always a good idea to sit in a tuk-tuk for too long due to the heat and the exhaust pipe of the other cars emitting their fumes during traffic jams. The pollution was so bad it was like closing your mouth around the exhaust pipe of a snowmobile minus the snow,
but well worth the fun ride. Next time I will bring my medical mask.
When walking around the streets in hot Bangkok city, you will get really thirsty. You could stop for a drink of a fresh young coconut or for some freshly squeezed local mandarin orange drink. This orange drink was so delicious and fresh and only cost about 80 cents a bottle.
Who knew a chipmunk would make a good pet. In America these bushy tail critters run wild in forests and city parks, but in Thailand they must be as common as cats because there were a lot of vendors selling these furry little friends in the market. Little outfits are also available for additional cost.
I'm not sure what's scarier, the fact that in Thailand you can buy chipmunks and other probably endangered species like the owl or that the mullet is the current craze among the teenagers. Watch out America.
You can get your fix anywhere in the world just be prepared to pay a premium.

I now know why this the land of the monsoon. When it rains it's comes down in buckets. Luckily for us it rained mostly at night or in the morning. This was the first of what would be the total of 10 hours of massage/spa treatments. That's averages out to be just over an hour everyday. Ahhhhhh. Cheers to cheap and plentiful massages. This particular treatment was a foot and neck massage. It cost about $6.oo.

New friends and yummy curry = perfect evening!
Emily gave us all a journal and a box with all kinds of art making goodies inside.

This was my completed box. I think I will load it up with treasures from the trip.

A few of us had our palms read at Wat Pho. And although I won't make guide my life based on what he told me there were definitely several, "how could he possible have known that" moments. We were greeted with cold refreshing towels scented with lemon grass in the hotels, spas and restaurants. Can I just say ahhhhhhhh.

The view from my room.
We stayed at the Tubkaak Resort and Spa while in Krabi. This place was amazing. The grounds were lush and beautiful and the staff was so kind and attentive. There are only total of 42 rooms so this place is quiet and peaceful. No kiddies here. It's a dream honeymoon spot... needless to say we were their only 'non-couple' guests.

I love this picture not only because I have my cleavage back but because this scenario is far from my everyday life. Come on, how often do you get the chance to relax in your bathing suit by a beautiful pool, enjoy 'naked weather', sip on your favorite diet soda and immerse yourself in art and journaling?
This is something else I wish I spent more time doing. I never enjoyed Yoga so much...I'm guessing it had something to do with the amazing setting.

Riding an elephant was a thrill and I enjoyed being that close to an elephant. I'm glad I did it, but I couldn't help but feel bad that Loewy will spend the rest of his life giving rides all day every day. I really hope he feels some joy in that. I guess it's better than being mistreated and lugging around logs all day. (I'm sounding like an animal activist.) Thanks Loewy for the ride!
Here's a few of us on our last day moments before April, Dona and I had to rush to the airport.

April, Maren, Clare, Me, Michelle

This trip made me feel a little more ......

I will be back......someday.