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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast '09

No thanksgiving would be complete with out fresh homemade rolls. Yummy!

Kate and Olivia stand to get their pictures taken with The Beauty of the Feast, the turkey. Yes that is bacon covering the top of this delicious hunk of meat. Thanks Traci for the recipe. It was winner!

My two nieces Izzy and Emma and their cousin Sabrina.

I put Ann in charge of bringing the dessert because she can really bring the goods. She makes an awesome apple pie!

The food was good the company even better.

This year instead of expressing what we were thankful for I decided to let everyone give a good gripe about something they weren't thankful for. It was very entertaining as we each took a turn or two getting a few things off our chests.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankgiving Tablescape '09

It was my year to host Thanksgiving and the most important part (after the feast of course) is the tablescape. For me this is the most fun part of the festive day. It means I can go to flower mart and creatively come up with something wonderful and hopefully worthy of a magazine cover or at the very least to impress my guests. I'm not sure I did either but Lulu (one of my favorite sister-in-laws) and I had fun in the making.

We needed a table large enough to fit 1o adults and 2 almost adults, which I didn't have but thanks to my husband's tennis table purchase I had a surface worthy of our scape. I was able to make it work beautifully, expect that fact that the guest would have to maneuver their legs through the support bars that ran along either side- just a small in convince. Next I needed a table cloth large enough to fit my large table. I found these very modern shower curtains (real fabric, no plastic here people) at Target and wah lah instant table cloth.

Lulu and I got up early, around 7 am and headed to the flower mart. (Which is by the way one of my most favorite places following only shortly behind Anthropologie and Trader Joe's.) We unfortunately didn't get there early enough for that busy day because most of delicious flowers were gone. We still managed to pick out a few bunches as well as the lovely orange flowers found at Von's grocery store. FYI- Von's has a decent flower department. I love that they sell a bunch of 'just greens', which can be so helpful we making an actual arrangement. Come on Costco get it together.

I found this awesome manzanita branch which I knew would be perfect to hang my lanterns from. About 20 tacks was all it took to insure that puppy was staying put for dinner.

And there you have it my Thanksgiving Table Scape '09.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fairy Gardens

I'm not one for garden art but when I saw these little landscapes I feel in love. I can't wait to make a miniture fairy estate with Kate and because it's green all year round I won't have to wait until spring.

Want to live here? Check out what plants Jon Millman used in his little garden.
It's feng shui in a bowl.

I also love this one made by K for themagiconions. The site gives a step by step guide to designing and making a scape like this with your kiddies.

Dawn from the-feather-nest made this simple garden.

At the sliver penny you can find sweet fairy cottages and markets.
Little felt cottages like this one found on Rounien's photostream inspire me to learn the art of felting.