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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate's Skate Party

Kate's Birthday Party was one week after Jack's Party and I have to say this one was much simpler. We went to a local Ice Skating Rink which means no extra decorating and the entertainment was totally covered. Eeeesaaay!
Kate's invitations were designed by Pink Pickle Studios and I had them printed at Kinko's.
We served hot cocoa in hot cups that I covered with paper. I also gave all the girls matching knit gloves that I found at Joann's on sale for .50 cents a pair that conveniently worked out perfectly with the color scheme! Double bonus.
All the girls did really well minus a few who hadn't skated before so Mr. Frugal very reluctantly put on skates to offer some assistance. Although, I think the girls may have been the ones doing the assisting. Thomas was so frustrated that he just couldn't get it. Skating just not his thing. Good- one less lesson or team I will be asked to sign him up for. Can't be good at everything son.
Speaking of not your thing. Cake decorating is not really my thing. I swear the cakes in those cute cake books must be seriously photoshoped or be made with frosting too gross to eat to get that perfect looking finish because I can never quite make it look like the photo.
Good enough I say!
Besides Kate loved it and well that's all that matters.
Jack opted to stay in the party room and guard the presents. Skating on the cold ice was not a tempting offered especially after I passed over my phone. He was happy right was he was, sitting his warm little bum on that bench.
I gave all the girls mugs that I found on clearance at Marshalls for $1.50 each. I filled them with hot cocoa candy and chapstick.
Until next time.....


Emily S. said...

Man, Tami! You are amazing and your kids don't know how lucky they are to have a mom go to so much work for their parties. I am so jealous and know my kids would be too, so I won't show them your blog. Mia's birthday was last week, so we had a few friends over to swim in our hot tub and called it a mermaid party. I wish you were closer and I would hire you out to do things for me. Hope you are feeling well. Love, em

Apryl said...

I LOVE your cake!!