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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jack's Carnival Party

Jack's long awaited Carnival Party finally took place last Saturday. He's been talking about this party for months and was quite involved with the details. This was one of my favorite parties to plan because Jack was so excited about everything I suggested.
Good thing he's one easy kid to please.
No carnival party would be complete without the candy and there was no shortage of sweets and treats. This is just what was on display. There was also popcorn, cupcakes and the more treats in the goodie bags. Serious sugar overload!
The decorations were really easy most of which I liberally took inspiration from several other party blogs. Man a pad of scrapbook paper can go a long way.
Kate decorated the Clown Cupcakes which looked just like picture in the cookbook. Not always an easy feat to pull off. I think I'll put her in charge of the birthday cakes from now on.
The smell of fresh popcorn added perfectly to the carnival ambiance. The kids couldn't get enough. That's probably why only half of them ate their hot dogs.
Rocket the Clown performed a magic show, made ballon animals and face painted cool designs on the kids cheeks.

I set up three games for the kids to play. Super simple and the kids loved them.
Spill the Milk was the most popular.

I bought three pieces of black foam board, cut up two for the game posters and painted a clown on the third to be used for a bean bag toss.
Happy Birthday Jack!


Traci said...

Your blog posts have always made me really depressed and this one is no exception. You are a very talented girl. I wonder why you got so much more than me. Jack is a very lucky boy to have such a great mom.

Katie Perkes said...

Tami, this is amazing! Love it.
Jack reminds me of Cami's five year old twin, Josh. In fact, he was a clown for Halloween last year!
Such a fun party.

sassy mia said...

This is Lindsay (your sister in law) I posted the party on my Sassymia blog and linked to your blog! this party IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE! and I loved looking at all the cute pictures! xoxo